Say Uncle is an experimental residency and nomadic exhibition program.

The directors of Say Uncle, Dulcee Boehm, Benjamin Cook, and Cory Imig invite artists from around the country to come and work in Champaign-Urbana Illinois. During their stay artists are commissioned to make temporary public art works, which could take a variety of forms from more experimental to more traditional. Once the work is created Say Uncle travels the work around the region, exhibiting it at galleries, alternative spaces and community events. Say Uncle documents each of the projects through publications that are produced during and after the work tours.

Read more about Say Uncle on Temporary Art Review: Say Uncle: Getting out of the chokehold of permanency

Collaborators Include: DEMO ProjectUniversity Galleries at Illinois State UniversityProject 1612SideCar, and Terrain Exhibitions.

Devin Balara -  Pavers

Devin Balara - Pavers

Jeffrey Michael Austin -  Puddles

Jeffrey Michael Austin - Puddles

Carlie Trosclair -  Between Barriers and Bannisters

Carlie Trosclair - Between Barriers and Bannisters